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Koh, Dong-Yeon



Tel: +82 10-9921-2670

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Currently teaches at Seoul National University, Chugye University for Arts.

Writing a book on Postmemory Generation in South Korea: Post 1990s Arts and Films in English.


2006   Ph.D. in Art History (Post-1945) & Ph. D Certificate in Film Theory, The Graduate Center, the City University of New York, NY.

1999   Master Certificate in Museology, New York University, NY.

1996   M.A. in Art History (Modern), Ewha Womans University, Seoul.

1993   B.A. in Fashion Design, Ewha Womans University, Seoul.


2017   Member of Management Committee, Taemi Art Creation Center, Daejeon, Korea

2016   Member of Management Committee, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan, Korea

2012-2016   Served as a mentor, jury, and critic for numerous local and national art residencies, including  Goyang Creative Studio of National Museum of Contemporary Art; Geumcheon Art Factory of Seoul Arts Foundation.

2011- 2014  SINAP (Sindo Artist Support Program); Selection Committee and Jury with Hans Obrist Ulrich and Beatrix Ruf.

2012   Awarded Curatorial Grant of Insa Art Space Open Call, Arts Council, Korea.

2011   Awarded Donga Exhibition Open Call, Donga News Paper and Ilmin Cultural Foundation, Ilmin Art Museum, Seoul.
2008   Co-Director of Gallery Art 2021, Seoul (21 Exhibitions)
2009   2009 Res Artis Meeting(International Conference), Gyeonggi Creative Center, Ansan
1998-1999   Intern at Curatorial Dept.(Specter/Young), Guggenheim Museum of Art, NY

2010 - present


2018   “The Place-ness of the DMZ: The Rise of DMZ Tourism and the Real DMZ Project),” Positions, (Duke University Press), Will be published (HCI & A)

2017   Presented a paper “The Paradoxical Place of the Female Body in Korean Feminist Art,” Symposium “From Postwar to Contemporary Korean Art (1953-Present): Conflicts, Innovations and Interactions,” The Brown Auditorium, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, October 20-21, 2017

2016   Co-Chair of the Panel, “Here and Abroad: The Globalization of K(Korean)-Art and Other Myths” at the CAA (the College Art Association) 104th Annual Conference Washington DC, February 3, 2016.

2015   “Late Photography in South Korea, Photography and Culture, Bloomsbury, London, vol. 8 no. 1 (March): 81-106. (HCI & A)

2013   “Japanese Art Criticism in the Age of Globalization,” Journal of Modern Art Theory, vol. 17 no. 2: 7-53.

2013   “Globalizing Queers,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Routledge, London, vol. 14 no. 3: 378-400. (HCI & A)

2012   “The Vietnam War and The Memory of Material Culture,” The Korean Journal of American History, vol. 35: 121-160; presented a paper at the Annual Meeting of AAS (Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting), Toronto, Canada, March.
2012   “Choe Jung Hwa’s Plastic Paradise: The Emergence of Alternative Consumer Culture and Korean Contemporary Art in the 1990s,” <Art History Forum>, Ewha Womans University
2012   Unmaking National Manwha, Korea Journal(Unesco), vol. 52 no.1, pp. 171-206. (HCI & A)
2011   Chinese Contemporary Art and Art Criticism in the Era of Globalization, Journal of Modern Art History, vol. 29, pp. 69-99.
2010   Review: James Elkins, Is Art History Global?, Journal of the Association of Western Art History, vol. 32, pp. 269-277.
2010   “Murakami’s Little Boy Syndrome: A Victim or Aggressor in Contemporary Japanese and American Art,“ Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Routledge, London, vol. 11 no. 3, pp. 393-412. (HCI & A)
2009   “Different Eonnis are Coming: Project L,” Feminism Now, Symbolism on Post-Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY

2010 - present


2015    “What makes 'Asian Woman Artists 'Asian women artists'?,” East Asia Feminism, Exhibition Catalogue, Seoul Museum of Modern Art, Seoul.

2013   “Why are we still taking about art/science interactions?,” Wolgan Misool, November.

            “The revenge from the (female) artist less in social benefits,” Wolgan Misool, September.

            “Against Exotic Objects, The Recent Direction of Conceptual Art in South Korea," Modern Art Asia, London, Issue 16 (November): 26-30.
2012    “How to Deal with the Violent Scenes in Contemporary (Late) Photography,“ Wolgan Misool, September.

            “Art Education in Universities and Pragmatism: Artist Doctoral Program as Research Art,” Art in Culture, February.
2010    “Kiwon Park’s Ambivalent Site-Specificity,” Kiwon Park 2012 Artist of the Year, National Museum of Modern Art, Gwachon.
2008    “Platform 2008: Close Encounters with Space, History, and Memory,” Flash Art International, On-line, January.
2007    “Definining Asian-ness at ACAF 2007,” M/The New York Art World, vol. 11, December.


2018   From Softpower to Goods: Alternative Forms of Exhibitions and Populist Artistic Practices in Post-1990s East Asian Art, Dahal Media. Seoul.

2016   Selected as a Recipient of the Grant for Books on Research and Art Criticism, Korea Arts Council

2016   Staying Alive: Surviving Tales of Today’s Curators, Dahal Media. Seoul.

2015   Pop Art and American Society in the 1960s, Noonbit, Seoul.

2015   Response! Artists, Space Onewall, Seoul.

2014   Selected as a Recipient of the Grant for Lecturers, Proposal: “Nomadic Objects in Contemporary Asian Art,” National Research Foundation of Korea,    Seoul.

2013   “The Emergence of Retro Chic during the 1990s and Junghwa Che’s Plastic Paradise,” in Reading Contemporary Art, ed. By Nanjie Yun, Hangil Art,        Seoul.

2013   “Growing Up with Astro Boy and Mazinger Z: Industrialization, ‘High-Tech World,’ and Japanese Animation in the Art and Culture of South Korea” in      Animation: East Asian Perspectives, ed. by Yokora Masao and Tze-yue G. Hu, University Press of Mississippi.

2011-12   Selected as a Recipient of the Grant for Lecturers, Proposal: “East Asia Contemporary Art in the Era of Globalization: Japanese, Chinese, and            Korean Pop Art,” National Research Foundation of Korea, Seoul.

2010   Larry Rivers and Frank O’Hara: Reframing Male Sexualities in Art and Culture of the 1950s, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Pub.


© 2018. Koh, Dong-Yeon

© 2018. Koh, Dong-Yeon

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